Phoenix Evolution Consulting: New Client

The Team at Phoenix Evolution Consulting are pleased to be able to announce, effectively immediately, we have agreed to provide Project Management services to NHS Digital.

We will be leading a project working within the wider ‘Unification’ Programme Team on a redesign of NHS Digital’s existing Change Management function. The scope of work is to deliver a new Change Management Policy, Process, Procedure and Structure within the next ninety Days.

The Team will initially be working with the Change Manager, once they are in role, on engaging Subject Matter Experts (SME) from across NHS Digital’s footprint to understand the ‘As-Is’ before commencing work on the ‘To Be’ of their Change Management function.

It is anticipated there will be some crossover with the wider ‘Unification’ Programme as a review of the various instances of the Cherwell Service Management Tool is needed before ServiceNow as it’s replacement is discussed.